Fulldome supernovae

This fulldome video explores the nature of supernovae, powerful explosions that occur during the deaths of certain types of stars. What are these spectacular events that can temporarily outshine all of the other stars in their host galaxy? Why are they relevant to life on Earth? The video investigates these and other questions, alongside stunning simulations of Supernova explosions. Interestingly, the building that houses the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, is designed to portray a binary star system in which one star is accreting mass from the other, eventually leading to a type 1a Supernova. This explains the name of the visitor centre, which is a cutting-edge astronomy centre dedicated to making astronomy accessible to everyone.



O filmie

Data publikacji:14 maja 2019 10:25
Czas trwania:00 s
Frame rate:30 fps

O obiekcie

Nazwa:ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, Supernova
Typ:Unspecified : Technology : Observatory : Facility

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