Centennial of the Planetarium – Fulldome Trailer (German)

The production of an anniversary show for the Centennial of the Planetarium is the biggest project of the anniversary year. This anniversary show is not intended to be an “ordinary” planetarium show (narrated only from the off, entirely or almost entirely CGI), but is intended to be particularly innovative through the involvement of actors, with a focus on good dialogues. To achieve this, professionals from the cinema film industry will be recruited.

Fulldome producer and director Peter Popp has been contracted by GDP to refine the show concept and develop the screenplay. The premiere is scheduled to take place at the opening of the anniversary year, on October 21, 2023.


O filmie

Data publikacji:14 września 2022 14:53
Czas trwania:04 m 37 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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