Catch a Star!

... Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions in connection with "Catch a Star" 2004. However, you should read the information provided on the introductory page in any case!

Question 1: Must the report be submitted in English?

Yes, the report must be submitted in English so that everybody can read it when it is displayed on the web. However, if you want so, you may also send in your report in your mother tongue and it will then be put on the web in both languages.

Question 2: How do I submit my report?

The jury recommends that you:

  • Place all your files (texts, images) in one directory. The directory should only contain files that belong to your report.
  • Make sure that the HTML-syntax is in order and that all links work correctly. Links from the main HTML-file to your images and other files should be relative (e.g. "image1.jpg" ). Links to external URLs should be absolute (e.g. "" ). This is important - otherwise your report may not be displayed correctly at the Catch a Star! website and the links may not work. [Note that no reports will be displayed before the prizes have been given.]
  • Zip the directory. Please give the ZIP-file a name that identifies the report (include the number your group was given when you registered; you can find it both at the page with the groups in your country and the page with the groups that work on your chosen object; for instance filename = ).
  • Mail the ZIP-file to Be sure to keep the deadline on January 10, 2005 (at 12:00 Universal Time) !

All reports will be printed and read by the jury. You must therefore make sure that they print well and are readable.

Question 3: Must there be a teacher on the team?

No, students who otherwise fulfil the conditions for participation in "Catch a Star!" may form a team without a teacher, but one of them should then be indicated as the "leader of the team".

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact, if you have any other questions to which you can find no answer on these pages. The organisers will do their best to help, but it may take a little time before you receive an