Catch a Star!

... Registered Projects: Crab Nebula (Messier 1)!

This page provides an overview of the registered projects that deal with this particular object. Team leaders are indicated in italics . The registration number for the group is also shown.

Please remember that before you submit your own registration, you must check if your preferred object has already been chosen. If three other groups in your own country have chosen that object , you must select another one. In other words, no more than three groups in one country may work on the same object. (Note, however, that in order to facilitate participation for younger students, this rule will not be enforced for groups of students in primary schools).

Once a project report has been submitted and accepted by the jury (see the explanation on the top page), the group members will become "Official Participants" and will be indicated as such.

Please direct any further questions to the jury by email via:

Group Registration
Thomas Brethome
Anne Claire Douillard
Jean Hugon
Marion Kerneur
Czech Republic
Michael Borek
David Cajzl
Ernest Klucik
Renata Martinakova
Michel Faye
Obey Liu
Marielle Phuong
Bianka Shoai Tehrani
James Bullock
Tracy Dundas
Adam Povey

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