Catch a Star!

... The Webcast

The live webcast of Friday, November 8, 2002, at 13:00 hrs CET (12:00 UT) is over - here are the archived videos of that event:

Catch a Star - Webcast (Part 1) [Real Media - 34.0 Kbps]

Catch a Star! - Webcast (Part 1) - Real Media - 34.0 Kbps - 11:09 min)

This recording from the Catch a Star! webcast shows the first part of the event, as moderated by Arntraud Bacher of the ESO Educational Office. It begins with with a welcome by the ESO Director General, Catherine Cesarsky, and the President of the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE), Fernand Wagner, followed with a general presentation of ESO, its observatories and sites.

Catch a Star - Webcast (Part 2) [Real Media - 34.0 Kbps]

Catch a Star! - Webcast (Part 2) - Real Media - 34.0 Kbps - 17:51 min)

The second part shows the drawing of the Catch a Star! lottery numbers by two young persons, Pandora and Eisato, together with Rosa M. Ros and Rainer Gaitzsch from the EAAE. 134 groups from 20 countries participated and there were 20 prizes to be won. The results are also available on this page.

Here are two more videos that were shown on this occasion:

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