Video News Release 30: E-ELT Site Chosen (eso1018b)

On 26 April 2010, the ESO Council selected Cerro Armazones as the site for the planned 40-metre-class European Extremely Large Telescope. Cerro Armazones is an isolated mountain at 3046 metres altitude in the central part of Chile’s Atacama Desert, some 130 kilometres south of the town of Antofagasta and about 20 kilometres away from Cerro Paranal, home of ESO’s Very Large Telescope.

This Video News Release is targeted especially at broadcasters for further editing. In order to keep the audio tracks editable, different sound information has been recorded on two separate tracks at optimal volumes as is common standard in professional post production. This video is not meant for on screen viewing — on ESOcasts are better suited for that.


ESO. Footage and photos: ESO, S. Guisard (

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Publiseringsdato:26. april 2010 16:00
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