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14 June 2017

Two of the sky’s more famous residents share the stage with a lesser-known neighbour in this enormous new three gigapixel image from ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope (VST). On the right lies the faint, glowing cloud of gas called Sharpless 2-54, the iconic Eagle Nebula is in the centre, and the Omega Nebula to the left. This cosmic trio makes up just a portion of a vast complex of gas and dust within which new stars are springing to life and illuminating their surroundings.

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14 June 2017

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ESO Annual Report 2016 Now Available

13 June 2017: The ESO Annual Report 2016 is now available. It presents an overview of ESO’s many activities throughout the year. The contents include: Research highlights from ESO facilities, with the ...

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Renaming the E-ELT — Statement from ESO’s Director General

12 June 2017: Up to now ESO’s giant telescope project has been referred to as the European Extremely Large Telescope or E-ELT, but this name, which was always intended to be interim ...

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