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23 June 2016

A European team of astronomers have used the new GRAVITY instrument at ESO’s Very Large Telescope to obtain exciting observations of the centre of the Milky Way by combining light from all four of the 8.2-metre Unit Telescopes for the first time. These results provide a taste of the groundbreaking science that GRAVITY will produce as it probes the extremely strong gravitational fields close to the central supermassive black hole and tests Einstein’s general relativity.

The release, images and videos are available on:

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23 June 2016

  ESO Announcements

ESOcast 85: Chile Chill 7 — Visitors to the Desert

21 June 2016: ESO's telescopes are sited in Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the driest and most inhospitable places on Earth. These challenging conditions mean that the observatories benefit from some ...

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ESO Signs Agreement to Build Detectors for MOONS — The world-class MOONS spectrograph will use the largest near-infrared detectors available

20 June 2016: ESO has signed an agreement with Teledyne Scientific & Imaging [1] to build the detectors for the new MOONS instrument that will be mounted on ESO’s flagship telescope, the ...

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ALMA Sounds, an Interactive Project to Search for a Common Cosmic Language

17 June 2016: ALMA Sounds, a project that brings together artists and astronomers in the search for a common language, has launched a new interactive website. In late 2015, the Atacama Large Millimeter ...

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19 - 20 October 2016: Wie alles begann. Von Galaxien, Quarks und Kollisionen, Naturhistorisches Museum. Vienna, Austria.

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