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10 February 2016

A newly formed star lights up the surrounding cosmic clouds in this new image from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile. Dust particles in the vast clouds that surround the star HD 97300 diffuse its light, like a car headlight in enveloping fog, and create the reflection nebula IC 2631. Although HD 97300 is in the spotlight for now, the very dust that makes it so hard to miss heralds the birth of additional, potentially scene-stealing, future stars.

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10 February 2016

  ESO Announcements

APEX Celebrates Ten Years Exploring the Cold Universe — Atacama Pathfinder Experiment in Chile looks forward to further success at the cutting edge of astronomy

10 February 2016: A celebration was held at the APEX [1] base station in Sequitor, San Pedro de Atacama, to mark ten years of astronomical research with the APEX telescope, which resides on ...

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Major E-ELT Milestone — ESO Starts Final Discussions for Construction of E-ELT Dome and Telescope Structure

4 February 2016: At an extraordinary meeting in Garching bei München, Germany on 3 February 2016, ESO’s Finance Committee authorised ESO to enter into final discussions with the winning bidder of the ...

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8 February 2016
High and Mighty

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4 - 8 July 2016: EWASS 2016. Athens, Greece.

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22 October 2016: ESO Open House Day 2016. ESO HQ, Germany.

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