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31 January 2018

A dark cloud of cosmic dust snakes across this spectacular wide field image, illuminated by the brilliant light of new stars. This dense cloud is a star-forming region called Lupus 3, where dazzlingly hot stars are born from collapsing masses of gas and dust. This image was created from images taken using the VLT Survey Telescope and the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope and is the most detailed image taken so far of this region.

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31 January 2018

  ESO Announcements

Sharper Images for VLT Infrared Camera — Adaptive optics facility extended to HAWK-I instrument

30 January 2018: ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) now has a second instrument working with the powerful Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF). The infrared instrument HAWK-I (High Acuity Wide-field K-band Imager) [1] is ...

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5th Photo NightScape Awards Open for Entries

29 January 2018: ESO is inviting submissions for the fifth Photo Nightscape Awards (PNA) —  an international competition for astrophotographers. As a partner in the competition, which is organised by the Chasseurs de Nuits ...

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Protecting the Earth from Cosmic Clashes — ESO’s role in the International Asteroid Warning Network

Interview with: Olivier Hainaut

Interview with: Andy Williams

26 January 2018: 65 million years ago, the most famous asteroid in history slammed into Earth and most likely exterminated the dinosaurs. Disconcertingly, we are no less likely to be to hit by ...

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29 January 2018
A diamond in the rough

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26 April 2018: Girls' Day at ESO Headquarters

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26 - 28 February 2018: Big Science Business Forum. Copenhagen, Denmark.

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