Astronomy Communication Seminars

ESO/ESA/IAU/Excellence Cluster 'Universe' Astronomy Communication Seminars

These are meetings that take place at the European Southern Observatory in Garching, Germany. Contact:

  • Deep Into the ESO Outreach Archive
    Mahdi Zamani (ESO)
    22 January 2016
    Abstract (PDF, 312 KB)

  • Public Outreach at the Subaru telescope
    Saeko Hayashi (Manager of the Public Information and Outreach Office at Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, NAOJ)
    25 August 2014
    Abstract (PDF, 200 KB)

  • Connecting the invisible to the public: public relations for the NAOJ's radio astronomy projects
    Masaaki Hiramatsu (Education and Public Outreach Officer, Chile Observatory, NAOJ)
    25 August 2014
    Abstract (PDF, 200 KB)

  • Communicating Solar Astronomy
    Kentaro Yaji (Research Expert, Solar Observatory, NAOJ)
    25 August 2014
    Abstract (PDF, 200 KB)

  • Education and Outreach Concept and Strategy at NAOJ
    Hidehiko Agata (Manager of the Outreach Office at Public Relations Center, NAOJ)
    25 August 2014
    Abstract (PDF, 200 KB)

  • The IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach
    Sze-leung Cheung (IAU OAO)
    25 August 2014
    Abstract (PDF, 200 KB)

  • Update on the activities of the IAU Global Office of Astronomy for Development
    Kevin Govender (Director, IAU Global Office of Astronomy for Development, South Africa)
    13 July 2012
    Abstract (PDF, 968 KB)

  • CFHT's Hawaiian Starlight: sharing the magic of Mauna Kea with the public
    Jean-Charles Cuillandre (Canada France Hawaii Telescope Astronomer)
    12 July 2012
    Abstract (PDF, 290 KB)

  • The GalileoMobile Documentary
    Silvia Bonoli (MPA and University of Zurich) and Sandra Benitez Herrera (MPA)
    16 May 2012
    Abstract (PDF, 246 KB)

  • Outreach at the International Space Science Institute in Bern, Switzerland
    Prof. Rudolf von Steiger (ISSI)
    25 January 2012
    Abstract (PDF, 208 KB)

  • IAU Global Office of Astronomy for Development
    Kevin Govender (Director, IAU Global Office of Astronomy for Development, South Africa)
    29 March 2011
    Abstract (PDF, 504 KB)
    Presentation (PDF, 2.2 MB) 

  • Taking astronomy beyond the doorstep of Social Media
    Oana Sandu (ESO ePOD)
    14 July 2010
    Abstract (PDF, 539 KB)
    Presentation (PDF, 2.8 MB)

  • Publishing and editing astronomy at Science magazine
    Maria J. Cruz (Science Magazine)
    30 April 2010
    Abstract (PDF, 307 KB)
    Presentation (PDF, 3.8 MB)

  • The Universe at the Deutsches Museum
    Barbara Wankerl (Universe Cluster)
    04 February 2010
    Abstract (PDF, 469 KB)
    Presentation (PDF, 2.0 MB)

  • GalileoMobile: an astronomy itinerant project
    Silvia Bonoli and Nuno Gomes on behalf of the Galileo Mobile Team
    09 December 2009
    Abstract (PDF, 219 KB)
    Presentation (PDF, 26.2 MB)

  • ESO's GigaGalaxy Zoom: The Sky, from Eye to Telescope
    Henri Boffin and Olivier Hainaut (ESO)
    28 October 2009
    Abstract (PDF, 528 KB)
    Presentation (PDF 16.8 MB)

  • Art Meets Astronomy – Chance and Challenge of Meta-Communication
    Tim Otto Roth (, Germany)
    21 September 2009
    Abstract (PDF 425 KB)

  • Pitfalls in Making Pretty Pictures
    Mischa Schirmer (Argelander-Institut für Astronomie / Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes)
    Presentation (PDF 9.09 MB)

  • Rendering ESO's Observatories
    Luis Calçada (ESO ePOD)
    15 July 2009
    Presentation (PDF 22.2 MB)

  • Intelligent Use of Astronomical Press Release Images — a progress report
    Amit Kapadia (Florida State University/ESO ePOD)
    09 June 2009
    Abstract (PDF 353 KB)
    Presentation (PDF 3.4 MB)

  • ESO educational and Public Outreach Strategy
    Lars Lindberg Christensen (ESO ePOD)
    13 May 2009
    Abstract (PDF 462 KB)
    Presentation (PDF 7.2 MB)

  • Multi-expressive explorations inside and outside Astronomy
    Ferdinando Patat (ESO)
    11 March 2009
    Abstract (PDF 363 KB)

  • A method to evaluate astronomy in the media
    Rui Brito Fonseca (CIES-ISCTE, UTL)
    11 February 2009
    Presentation (PDF 1.35 MB)

  • The World at Night - a new approach to astronomy communication
    Babak Tafreshi (TWAN/AWB/Iran)
    02 February 2009

  • The Eyes on the Skies project – science communication for the masses
    Lars Lindberg Christensen, Martin Kornmesser & Dr. J (ESO)
    05 December 2008
    Abstract (PDF file 470KB)

  • Uniview – A science communication tool
    Johan Öhlund (SCISS AB)
    18 November 2008

  • Communicating Science through Art & Technology
    José Francisco Salgado (Adler Planetarium)
    27 October 2008
    Presentation (PDF file 6.93MB)

  • Public Outreach at the Universe Cluster
    Barbara Wankerl (Excellence Cluster Universe)
    29 September 2008
    Presentation (PDF file 1.05MB)

  • Image Processing for Public Outreach use
    Davide de Martin (ESA/Hubble)
    18 August 2008
    Abstract (PDF file, 211 KB)
    Presentation (PDF file, 4.58 MB)

  • ESO & the International Year of Astronomy 2009
    Pedro Russo, Douglas Pierce-Price, Francesca Primas/Enikö Patkos, Lars Lindberg Christensen and Mariana Barrosa (ESO/IAU/ESA-Hubble)
    11 June 2008
    Abstract (PDF file, 454 KB)
    Presentation (PDF 6.16 MB)

  • The Art of the Science: New Frontiers in Visual Communication
    Robert Hurt (Spitzer Science Center)
    21 April 2008
    Abstract (PDF file, 360 KB)
    Presentation (PDF file, 20,888 KB)

  • The New Media Tsunami: Managing the Content Flood
    Pamela Gay (Southern Illinois University)
    8 April 2008
    Abstract (PDF file, 500 KB)
    Presentation (PDF file, 1,740 KB)

  • Astronomy Education and Public Outreach in Africa
    Kevin Govender (South African Astronomical Observatory/Southern African Large Telescope) and Carolina Ödman (Universe Awareness)
    3 March 2008
    Abstract (PDF file, 311 KB)

  • Hubblecast — A video podcast with surprising results
    Lars Lindberg Christensen(ESA/Hubble)
    20 February 2008
    Abstract (PDF file, 332 KB)
    Presentation (PDF, 2,829 KB)

  • Astronomy in Second Life
    Adrienne J. Gauthier (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona)
    29 November 2007
    Abstract (PDF file, 360 KB)