Jupiter imaged using the VISIR instrument on the VLT

In preparation for the imminent arrival of NASA’s Juno spacecraft in July 2016, astronomers used ESO’s Very Large Telescope to obtain spectacular new infrared images of Jupiter using the VISIR instrument. They were part of a campaign to create high-resolution maps of the giant planet to inform the work to be undertaken by Juno over the following months, helping astronomers to better understand the gas giant.

This video was created from many short VISIR exposures at a wavelength of 5 micrometres. The telescope was moved slightly between exposures and the changing turbulence of the Earth’s atmosphere can be seen.

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ESO/L. Fletcher

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Data e Publikimit:Qer 27, 2016, 01:01 CEST
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Kohëzgjatja:14 s
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