VLT Exhibition Panel 1 (standard, English)

This is the panel 1 of a set of 3 panels in English. Panel 2 can be found on this link and panel 3 on this link.

A (very large) ZIP file with the InDesign CS5 file is available on this link. The ESO font "Neue Helvetica® Com" used on the exhibition panels has been replaced in this package with the free font "Arial". We would 
strongly recommend using the ESO font "Neue Helvetica® Com" which can be purchased here (Neue Helvetica® Com 45 Light, Neue Helvetica® Com 46 Light Italic, Neue Helvetica® Com 55 Roman, Neue Helvetica® Com 56 Italic and Neue Helvetica® Com 65 Medium).

This Exhibition is not available for sale.

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Data e Publikimit:Pri 18, 2012, 13:59 CEST


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