Optical/infrared comparison of the central parts of the Milky Way

This spectacular view compares a huge mosaic in infrared light from the VISTA survey telescope and a visible-light mosaic view of the same region taken with a small telescope. Because VISTA has a camera sensitive to infrared light it can see through much of the dust blocking the view and give a very clear view of the multitude of stars in the central parts of the Milky Way.

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ESO/VVV Survey/D. Minniti/Serge Brunier
Acknowledgement: Ignacio Toledo, Martin Kornmesser

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Data e Publikimit:Oct 24, 2012, 12:00 CEST
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Emri:Composite image, Milky Way, Milky Way Galactic Centre, VVV Survey
Tipi:Milky Way
Milky Way : Galaxy : Component : Center/Core

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