The first E-ELT instruments

The ESO Council has authorised the Director General to sign the contracts for the first set of instruments for the E-ELT. These huge and innovative tools to analyse the light collected by the giant telescope will allow the E-ELT to address a wide range of astronomical questions soon after its completion. This instrumentation package comprises a near-infrared imager with spectroscopic capability (MICADO), a multi-conjugate adaptive optics unit (MAORY), which will feed MICADO (and possibly additional future instruments); an integral field spectrograph (HARMONI), along with development of its laser tomography adaptive optics system to preliminary design review level; and a mid-infrared imager and spectrometer (METIS).

This indicative artist’s impression shows the rough location of METIS (left) and to the right MAORY above MICADO on the Nasmyth platform of the E-ELT.

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Emri:Extremely Large Telescope, HARMONI, MAORY, METIS (Mid-infrared ELT Imager), MICADO
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