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Echelle Spectroscopy ETCs

Important notes and bug reports

Input Parameters

The model includes an input spectrum (e.g. a template star spectrum), atmospheric parameters , optical instrument path and an observation criterium. The model generates as default the spectral format in a table format reporting for each order number the wavelength of the central column, its y position in pixel units and arcseconds units, the Free Spectral Range (FSR) size, minimum and maximum wavelength, the order starting and ending wavelength and size (Template Spectra range). If required the ETC also calculates for each significative order (in the single line case only for the order where is detected the line) the total efficiency (% units), the Object, Sky and maximum expected counts (in electron units) and the Signal to Noise ratio for three points, the FSR minimum, central column and FSR maximum wavelength. For the wavelength of the central column it is reported also the wavelength value and the spectral bin size (over which the Object, Sky, Imax counts are integrated). The information contained in the spectral format table, relative to the central column wavelength value, can be displayed also in form of graph selecting the appropriate check button in the input page. In this case the ETC generate applet graphs and links to the corresponding data in ASCII format and in gif images format.