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VLTI Matisse

Important notes and bug reports

Note: Point like telescopes are assumed. These tools are only provided for the technical assessment of the feasibility of observations. Variations of the atmospheric conditions can strongly affect the fringe visibility. Users are advised to apply caution in the interpretation of the results and are kindly requested to report any results which may appear inconsistent.

General description

The VLTI Matisse is an Exposure Time Calculator. It uses a model of the VLTI and its instruments to assess the fringe visibility, given the observed bandpass, the geometry, spectrum, and coordinates of the target and the time at which the observations are to be made. It also takes into account shadowing by telescope structures and the maximum available stroke of the delay lines for the feasibility assessment of the observations.

The tool offers an HTML/Java based interface and consists of two pages. The observation parameters page presents the entry fields and widgets for the target spectrum and geometry, time of observation, instrument configuration and results selection. A "Submit" button submits the parameters to the model executed on the ESO Web server. The results page presents the computed results. The optional graphs are displayed within Java applets allowing interactive manipulation. The results are also provided in ASCII and GIF formats for further analysis and printing. Finally, a summary of the input parameters is appended to the result page.

Instrument Properties

Target Properties

In this section, the spectrum and geometry of the target to be observed must be defined.

Observation Setup

Version Information

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