Scisoft 7.7 - An Astronomical Software Collection - now for Fedora 11

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Scisoft is a project within ESO to provide a collection of astronomical software utilities in a uniform way at all ESO sites and to make them available to the outside world. The current version, Scisoft 7.7, March 2012, is only available for Fedora 11 Linux. The previous major release, Scisoft v7.3.1, was for Fedora Core 6, Scisoft v6 was available for Fedora 3, and earlier versions are also available for Solaris 8, Linux Redhat 6.2 and HP-UX 11. In addition a version of Scisoft for Mac OSX has been prepared by Nor Pirzkal and Francesco Pierfederici but it is not an ESO product.

For those inside ESO (only) the latest Mac OSX (Intel) distributions may be downloaded from this internal link.

Scisoft 7.7

Scisoft 7.7 for Linux is now available for download (ESO ftp only at present).

Scisoft 7.7 was built on Fedora Core 11 and depends on Fedora specific packages. It is possible to install Scisoft 7.7 on Scientific Linux 5.0, see this page for more details. If you managed to install an run Scisoft on an other Linux distribution please contact us and we will update this page.

Please report any problems to scihelp(AT)

Installation instructions, Release Notes, FAQ and a List of Contents should be consulted for further information.

If you installed Scisoft 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5 or 7.6 from the Yum repository you will automatically be upgraded to 7.7 when running yum update, however you will need to run yum install scisoft-\* for the new packages to be installed.


The Scisoft collection is available in the following ways:

Note that only requests from China or India, to be delivered in the respective countries, are accepted by the mirror sites. We would like to thank Chenzhou Cui of the National Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, for his help and enthusiasm for the Chinese mirror and similarly Ajit Kembhavi and Deoyani Nandrekar for setting up the Indian mirror. Randy Thompson and Rick White proposed and set up the US mirror at STScI. In addition Lars Christensen helped with copying the DVDs and setting up the web shop. If none of these options will be possible for you please send email to scihelp(AT)

Linux Scisoft VII DVD Linux Scisoft VI DVD Solaris Scisoft IV CD HP-UX Scisoft IV CD Mac OS X Scisoft CD
Scisoft VII Linux DVD
    Cover Scisoft VI Linux DVD
    Cover Scisoft Solaris CD Cover Scisoft HP-UX CD Cover Scisoft MAC OSX CD Cover