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General Phase 2 Documentation

For a successful service mode run it is absolutely essential that all users read the following documentation.

P2PP version 3 User Manual (Issue 7, 19 December 2013)

For P2PP v3.4.0 and above: valid for VISTA, VST, VLT and VLTI instruments.

The P2PP version 3 User Manual is available for download (with figures; PDF file). It gives a general description of how to create Observation Blocks (OBs), and contains detailed description of P2PP3 and its capabilities.


P2PP tutorials are available for a number of instruments. Please select an instrument from the instrument drop-down menu on the right. A dedicated test account is available for P2PP; run the tool and login with the following credentials: username= 52052, password= tutorial

Also available are some general text and video tutorials on the use of scheduling containers, on the attachment of finding charts, on filling and submitting the README, on checkin-out OBs from the Repository for revision.

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