• 12-14/05/2015 Malfunctioning and replacement of the Red CCD shutter implied to re-align and focus the detector unit again.
  • 03-17/04/2015 Improvements of the spectral format in the Blue and Red arms of UVES, including a small rotation of the Red unit, were performed using as reference the 2009 situation so as to minimize differences with the UVES physical model used by the data reduction pipeline. Final re-focussing of the units on April 17th led to optimum resolving power values of R=72,000 and 110,000 on the Blue and Lower/Upper Red CCDs respectively.
  • 19-23/03/2015 A red-arm pulpo failure occured: the cryostat was dismounted and the shutter replaced. As a result, the spectral format in the UVES red arm changed by 3-5 pixels in the cross-dispersion direction. This was corrected and the unit was re-focussed on March 23rd.
  • 14/09/2014 On July 25th 2014, a misalignment of the UVES ThAr projection system was found and corrected.
  • 04/03/2014 UVES echelle (point-like) and slicer reduced data are available through the phase 3 archive query form: http://archive.eso.org/wdb/wdb/adp/phase3_spectral/form. Data is available from 2000. The current stream of data is is processed and published at a roughly monthly cadence.
  • 07/01/2014 UVES red arm CCD shutter failure. After the recovery, the red CCD format resulted shifted by a few px in X,Y with respect to the pre failure situation. This affected mostly cross-disperser #4 settings. This can be seen from the instrument Health Check pages.
  • 01/04/2011 UVES blue cross-disperser (CDs 1 & 2) bearing and worm gear system were upgraded on 2010-11-22. The new mechanism is similar to the one already installed in the red arm in 2005.
  • 04/11/2009 UVES pipeline 4.4.8 supporting new red CCD (and old) data reduction.
  • 01/09/2009 UVES ETC updated with the new QE curve for the Zeus (upgraded CCD).
  • 29/08/2009 UVES documentation updated for P85.
  • 26/08/2009 The UVES red arm quantum efficiency ratio for the new/old MIT CCD is shown below (left panel) as derived in the lab and from standard stars.The EEV (bluer part of the red mosaic) is UNCHANGED.The MIT (redder part of the red mosaic) CCD "Nigel" was replaced with another MIT CCD "Zeus" in early July 2009 with superior Quantum Efficiency above 700-nm. The fringing is also much reduced; Plot (a) shows an extracted FLAMES-UVES flatfield order at about 900-nm with the Old CCD counts multiplied by 2.5 (same integration time). Plot (b) shows one normalised order of a stellar spectrum taken before and after the upgrade using standalone UVES.
  • 15/07/2009: UVES MIT CCD has been replaced and is now back in operation. A report will be made availableshortly. Please note that the current version of the UVES pipeline will not work/give incorrect results for the red arm due to the change in orientation of the CCD. A new version is currently under testing. Please note too that the ETC has notyet been updated with the new efficiencies.
  • 30/06/2009: Minor updates to the UVES user manual for P84 phase II available here (v84.3). Only change compared with v84.2 concerns the TCCD slit viewers.
  • 25/06/2009: Please remember thatthe ETC will only be upgraded with the new sensitivity values for the red-arm after the recommissioning in early July.When the new values are known they will be posted with a link on this webpage. Until then the current ETC should still be used.
  • 26/02/2009: UVES Red Arm will be unavailable for service or visitor mode observations in the period May1st-July 15 due to the upgrade of the red mosaic detector. See Sect.2.2.4 of P84 User Manual for more information.
  • 08/12/2008: UVES ETC for free template: two typos fixed(see here).
  • 22/05/2008: update of the UVES data reduction cookbook for the MIDAS pipeline version 2.9.7(see here).
  • 20/06/2007: the new UVES pipeline version 3.3.1, based on CPL, has been released to support echelle data reduction.
  • 09/02/2007: Ultra Fast Readout mode (Red Arm only, 1x1 binning, low gain) added to the UVES Exposure Time Calculator (v3.1.1).
  • 01/09/2005: A set of eight interference filters for long-slit spectroscopy of extended objects is offered for the first time in P77 (in visitor mode only).
  • 01/06/2005: Starting in P76, the red arm setting with central wavelength 600nm can be used in service mode without the Iodine Cell.
  • 01/06/2005: Due to the unavailability of ared arm setting with central wavelength 760nm, the possibility of usingthe combination of Image Slicer #3 with Dichroic #2 has been implemented.
  • 01/04/2005: Three new standard Dichroic settings with 760 nm have been implemented for use starting in P75: Dic#2 346+760, 390+760 and 437+760.
  • 20/10/2004: The scientific CCD for the UVES blue arm has been exchanged with a new one, called Pavarotti.Information about the new CCD is given in the UVES User Manual (Issue2).
    Both the data obtained with the new and the old CCD can be processed with the new UVES pipeline, version 2.2.0. The latest pipeline version is available here.
  • 01/04/2004: The RRM is offered for UVES in service mode since the beginning of P73. Starting in P75, it is also possible to trigger during visitor mode observations.
    Detailed information on the RRM is given on the USD RRM webpage.
  • 01/04/2004: The format of the Red UVES (and FLAMES-UVES) raw files has changed. The new format is a FITS file with one extension per detector, i.e. the two Red CCD images are now split. The new format cannot be processed with UVES pipeline versions older than 2.1.