From Dusk till Dawn - A Paranal Perspective
Zooming into VISTA’s infrared view of the Orion Nebula
Time-lapse sequence with VLT and NTT images
ALMA UHD Video Compilation
La Silla Observatory UHD Video Compilation
Very Large Telescope UHD Video Compilation
Photographers at ESO's UHD Expedition 2014
ESO Ultra HD Time-lapse Compilation
2012 ALMA Video Compilation
Night Falling on Paranal
3D animation of the Orion nebula
3D animation of the Orion nebula
Artist’s impression of a protocluster forming in the early Universe (Fulldome)
The ALMA Time-lapse Compilation 2012
Paranal Time-lapse Compilation 2012
A Night at Chajnantor
E-ELT Compilation 2012
The ALMA Compilation 2011
Zooming in on Messier 78
The ALMA Compilation 2010
The Aquarius simulation
Paranal Time-lapse
Star Trails Over La Residencia
La Residencia Time-lapse
VLT Time-lapse
VLT Before the Approaching Dawn
Star Trails at Paranal
Artists Impression of Accreting Black Hole
Shooting at the centre of the Milky Way
Observations in the moonlight
A busy night at the VLT
Zooming in on the bright star cluster NGC 3293 (fulldome)
E-ELT blasting from very close-up
Video News Release 42: The final ALMA antenna arrives at Chajnantor
CRIRES Mounted on Antu
CRIRES Mounted on UT1
Distant Shot of ALMA
ALMA Distant View
Desert Dishes
High on the Plateau
Closing in on the ALMA Array
Antennas in Motion
ALMA Transporter in Action
Mountainside Around La Silla
Jewel on the Mountaintop
La Silla Mountain View
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