Inside UT1 (time-lapse)
Paranal Time-lapse
VLT Activity Time-lapse
Zodiacal Light Time-lapse
Sunset at the VLT
The Paranal Residencia - 1
Desert view around Paranal - 2
Desert view around Paranal - 1
The Paranal Residencia - 2
Desert view around Paranal - 5
Desert view around Paranal - 4
Desert view around Paranal - 3
From Dusk till Dawn - A Paranal Perspective
Night Falling on Paranal
Paranal Time-lapse Compilation 2012
"From Earth to the Universe" — the VLT Laser
Paranal Time-lapse
Star Trails Over La Residencia
La Residencia Time-lapse
VLT Time-lapse
VLT Before the Approaching Dawn
Star Trails at Paranal
Shooting at the centre of the Milky Way
Observations in the moonlight
A busy night at the VLT
CRIRES Mounted on UT1
View of Paranal
Paranal Gears Up for the Night Ahead
Dusk over Paranal
Sunset View of the VLT Platform
Unit Telescope 1 (UT1) in Action
Setting Up a Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Rigging up a Bot
Autonomous Camera Rig
UHD Expedition Team and Time-lapse Bot
Setting Up UHD Equipment at the VLT
Rigging Up The Bots
Moonrise at Paranal
Meteors over Paranal
Night Sky Revealed Over Paranal
Dusk at Paranal
Distant Time-lapse of Paranal
Night Sky Beauty Over Paranal
Paranal Fish-Eye Time-lapse
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