Obs. de Haute-Provence (AW80T webcast)
Allen Telescope (AW80T webcast)
Calar Alto Observatory (AW80T webcast)
IRAM Telescope (AW80T webcast)
Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos (AW80T webcast)
LEGO E-ELT 3D animation rendering
Arecibo Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Space Sciences Laboratory (AW80T webcast)
CSIRO (AW80T webcast)
Concordia station (AW80T webcast)
Hobart Radiotelescope (AW80T webcast)
AIGO (AW80T webcast)
VLT (AW80T webcast)
Las Campanas (AW80T webcast)
ESO 50 Years Anniversary at Hamburg Planetarium
Molonglo Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Apache Point Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Large Binocular Telescope (AW80T webcast)
McDonald Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Gemini South (AW80T webcast)
Cerro Tololo (AW80T webcast)
La Silla (AW80T webcast)
Rothney Astrophysical Obs. (AW80T webcast)
MMT Observatory (AW80T webcast)
TAMA 300 (AW80T webcast)
Kitt Peak (AW80T webcast)
Vatican Observatory (AW80T webcast)
10-meter South Pole/IceCube Neutrino Telescopes (AW80T webcast)
Lick Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Kepler Mission (AW80T webcast)
Arizona Radio Observatory (AW80T webcast)
CHARA (AW80T webcast)
Shanghai Radio Telescope (AW80T webcast)
Palomar (AW80T webcast)
The visit of the Prince and Princess of Asturias to ESO's Paranal Observatory
TV spot for the 3D production Hidden Universe
Eyes on the Skies - Equatorial mount
Time-lapse Video Showing the Assembly of a Full-Size Mock-up of the E-ELT Mirror
Trailer for the Nanoantofagasta competition
ESO Movie 26: Science on Stage – Science for Humanity
ESO Movie 23: Physics on Stage 3 – Physics and Life
ESO Movie 21: Life in the Universe
Trailer for Eyes on the Skies
ESO Movie 20: Physics on Stage 2
ESO Movie 19: Physics on Stage
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