ESOcast: 70: Green Light for E-ELT Construction
E-ELT Trailer
E-ELT Trailer (Spanish)
E-ELT Compilation 2012
E-ELT blasting from very close-up
E-ELT Laser Guide Star
Closing in on the E-ELT at sunset and the start of observations
E-ELT Segments Time-lapse 12m
E-ELT Segments Time-lapse 12f
E-ELT Segments Time-lapse 12g
E-ELT Segments Time-lapse 12l
E-ELT Segments 12j
E-ELT Segments 12k
E-ELT Segments 12e
E-ELT Segments 12h
E-ELT Segments 12i
E-ELT Segments 12c
E-ELT Segments 12d
E-ELT Segments 12a
E-ELT Segments 12b
Night-Time Time-lapse at Cerro Armazones
A Fulldome Visit to the E-ELT
A Flat Armazones
The E-ELT in Action (artist's impression)
The E-ELT gets ready for action (artist's impression)
Bird's Eye View of the E-ELT (artist's impression)
Excerpts from E-ELT groundbreaking event
Fly-over of the planned road to armazones
Cerro Armazones time-lapse
Blowing the lid off Cerro Armazones
Closing in on the E-ELT
Video News Release 30: E-ELT Site Chosen (eso1018b)
Site testing on Cerro Armazones
E-ELT blasting close-up
The European ELT - Animation 2
The European ELT - Animation 1
The European ELT - Animation 6
The European ELT - Animation 3
The European ELT - Animation 4
The European ELT - Animation 5
Video News Release 43: E-ELT Groundbreaking event (B-roll)
Preparations for the blasting
E-ELT Design Study 5
E-ELT Design Study 4
E-ELT Design Study 1
E-ELT Design Study 5
E-ELT Design Study 6
E-ELT Design Study 2
E-ELT Design Study 3
E-ELT Teaser
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