ALMA Trailer
ALMA Planetarium Show Trailer (English)
Five ALMA Antennas on the Chajnantor Plain (time-lapse)
ALMA Operations and the Magellanic Clouds
The Chajnantor Plateau (time-lapse)
ALMA and artificial satellites (time-lapse)
ALMA’s Cosmic Ballet (time-lapse)
The Full Moon and the Magellanic Clouds over ALMA (time-lapse)
The ALMA Antennas and the Magellanic Clouds
ALMA Observations at the Chajnantor Plateau (time-lapse)
ALMA operations Time-Lapse
The Chajnantor plateau (time-lapse)
ALMA Time-lapse 2011 (part 2) (time-lapse)
ALMA Time-lapse 2011 (part 1) (time-lapse)
Four ALMA antennas on the Chajnantor Plain
Four ALMA antennas on the Chajnantor Plain
2012 ALMA Video Compilation
The ALMA Time-lapse Compilation 2012
A Night at Chajnantor
The ALMA Compilation 2011
The ALMA Compilation 2010
"From Earth to the Universe" — Milky Way and ALMA
Desert Dishes
High on the Plateau
Distant Shot of ALMA
ALMA Distant View
Closing in on the ALMA Array
Antennas in Motion
ALMA Transporter in Action
Setting up a "MoCo"
Synchronous Dance of ALMA Antennas
Sunset over ALMA
Dusk over ALMA
ALMA Antenna Dance
ALMA Japanese Antennas at Night
Eta Carinae over ALMA
Night Sky over the Licancabur Volcano
Fish-Eye ALMA UHD Time-lapse
ALMA Fulldome UHD Time-lapse
Unveiling Our Cool Universe in Ultra HD
Revealing Our Cool Universe in Ultra HD
The ALMA Compilation April 2010
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