Danish 0.5-metre telescope (decommissioned)

The Danish 0.5-metre telescope was installed at La Silla in 1971, together with its twin, the ESO 0.5-metre telescope. It was equipped with a revolutionary photometer that permitted simultaneous observations in all the filters of the Strömgren system. Moreover, the telescope was fully programmable, which made it a precursor of the later automatic telescopes.

Science goals

Strömgren narrow-band photometry.

Danish 0.5-metre telescope

Name: Danish 0.5-metre telescope
Site: La Silla
Altitude: 2375 m
Enclosure: Classical dome
Type: Photometric telescope
Optical design: Dall Kirkham Cassegrain reflector
Diamater. Primary M1: 0.50 m
Material. Primary M1: Low expansion Silica
Diameter. Secondary M2: 0.11 m
Material. Secondary M2: Low expansion Silica
Mount: Equatorial fork mount
First Light date: 2 February1969
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