ESO 1-metre telescope (decommissioned)

ESO 1-metre telescope

Name: ESO 1-metre telescope
Site: La Silla
Altitude: 2375 m
Enclosure: Classical dome
Type: Photometric telescope
Optical design: Cassegrain reflector
Diameter. Primary M1: 1.04 m
Material. Primary M1: Therman low expansion glass (Schott)
Diameter. Secondary M2: 0.295 m (hyperboloid)
Material. Secondary M2: Fused quartz (Heraeus)
Diameter. Tertiary M3: 0.215 m
Mount: Equatorial fork mount
First Light date: 30 November 1966
Decommissioning date: Since 1994 dedicated to DENIS project
Images taken with the ESO 1-metre telescope: Link
Images of the ESO 1-metre telescope: Link

The ESO 1-metre telescope was the first telescope installed at the La Silla Observatory, in 1966. It was used until 1994 as a photometric telescope, both in the visible with a single channel photometer, and in the infrared with an InSb photometer and a bolometer. Since 1994 it has been fully dedicated to the DENIS project.

Science goals

Magellanic clouds, star clusters, stellar associations in Galaxy.