Hallway at the ESO guesthouse in Vitacura SPIE poster session Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the European Union Massimo Tarenghi Receiving the Italian Medal Construction of ESO Headquarters Sky Atlas Laboratory Sky Atlas Laboratory
Sky Atlas Laboratory Assembling the ESO 1-metre telescope Assembling the ESO 1-metre telescope Fernando Comerón, new Representative of ESO in Chile Equipment at Flathill The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark inside one of the domes of ESO’s Very Large Telescope Aerial view of the Operations Support Facility (OSF)
Cover of The Messenger No. 150 Poster of Café & Kosmos 13 November 2012 German Federal Minister for Education and Research visits ESO's Paranal Observatory Staff working on the ESO 3.6-metre telescope The strange galaxy Centaurus A in the constellation of Centaurus Architect’s rendering of the new ESO Headquarters Extension (evening view) Pizarro and Schuster at La Silla
Work at the Atlas Laboratory ESO Open House Day 2011 Wide-field view of the sky around NGC 1929 UK event on industry involvement in the E-ELT project ESO publication statistics compared to other observatories Europe Decides to Build the World's Largest Optical Telescope (1987) Hubble with spectra from the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility
Historical Observatory Manuel Foster Entering the Paranal Residencia Mining exhibition at the Museum of the Atacama Desert Joe Liske in the Atacama Desert Light curve of exoplanet WASP-19b La Silla Water Substation 02 E-ELT METIS Meeting, December 2009
Panorama on Cerro Ventarrones, Chile E-ELT site testing — Vizcachas / Chile A cutaway drawing of the VISTA camera UT2 control 2 Earth's Shadow seen from Paranal VLT Primary Mirror The VLT Test Camera
M1 Cell Elevator, Dec2005 ELT-Baseline Meeting Telescope Startup Principle of Active Optics (ActO) VISTA coating chamber Engineers office at the Control building VISTA Telescope Structure
Milky Way Above the VLT Platform Sunrise at Paranal Daily Meeting The giant domes of the VLT open as the sun sets - 3D E-ELT Active Segmented Mirror Daytime Operation of a VLT, Jan2007 SINFONI attached to YEPUN
Instrument Platform - 3D VISTA Telescope Structure Auxillary Telescopes at sunrise Vitacura Office Endless night VLTI M12 Residencia and Base Camp
Observing with the VLT E-ELT Baseline Meeting, March 2008 Construction of VISTA exterior December 2004 Three ATs at Paranal, Jan2007 Engineers at the VLT Tropical garden, residencia, Paranal The VLT on top of Cerro Paranal
Paranal Bus Service Meteo_Paranal Paranal moon shadow Three Auxiliary Telescopes and VLTI building Starting up Auxiliary Telescopes on Paranal Service Mode Observations at the VLT
Before sunrise at the VLT VISTA Telescope Structure Active Phasing Experiment (APE) for the ELT 2009 to be the International Year of Astronomy Bringing Science out of the Lab into the Classroom Discovery X-Ray Image of the Distant Cluster Working on the M3 tower
Comet Halley's multiple tails Screenshot of ESOcast 64: "First Ring System Around Asteroid" The yellow hypergiant star HR 5171 in the constellation of Centaurus Artist’s impression of the yellow hypergiant star HR 5171 Wide-field view of part of the Large Magellanic Cloud Wide-field view of the sky around the star cluster NGC 3572 The ESO Open House Day 2013 (in German)
Engineering rendering of the ESPRESSO instrument ALMA Santiago Central Office La Residencia Paranal cleanroom Paranal cleanroom The Atacama Compact Array The star formation region NGC 6559 in the constellation of Sagittarius
Exhibitions Fehrenbach
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