A Compact Array Streaking Stars Images of gas cloud being ripped apart by the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way VLT image of exoplanet HD 95086 b Wings for Science Fly Over ALMA ALMA Pinpoints Early Galaxies Laser Guide Star Trails
APEX's Icy Companions Close-up view of NGC 6357 Cerro Armazones at dawn La Silla and surroundings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star The E-ELT on Cerro Armazones (artist's impression) The AEM antenna 2
Hidden Treasure on Our Doorstep Panoramic View from Paranal The Glow of the Lagoon Nebula GJ1214b (Artist’s impression) The Fornax Cluster of Galaxies ALMA test site in New Mexico, USA ALMA Antenna
VLT Unit Telescopes Laser Beam Creating an “Artificial” Star X-SHOOTER Signature in Copenhagen Comet West,  March 1976 ALMA antennas VLT Unit Telescopes Under a Starry Sky Antennas for ALMA at the Antenna Test Facility (ATF)
Supernova Remnant NGC 2060 Star cluster RCW 38 One Auxiliary Telescope Under the Sky The Spectacular Spiral Galaxy ESO 269-G57 Spiral Galaxy NGC 4565 Messier 83 - Central region ALMA Fish-Eye
Atacama Night Sky Revealed Gazing at the Chilean Night Sky Artist’s impression of the rings around Chariklo ESO marks 50 years of fruitful collaboration with Chile The Laser Guide Star on the VLT ALMA from the Air The life cycle of a Sun-like star (annotated)
ALMA from the Air ALMA from the Air ALMA from the Air Rapid Action Telescope for Transient Objects Night Sky at La Silla Wide Panorama of Chajnantor La Silla Ridge
ESO's VLT images the planetary nebula IC 1295 Young stars in the open star cluster NGC 2547 SEST at La Silla Off the shoulder of Orion La Silla under the Milky Way VLT/VIMOS observations of the shock front in the remnant of the supernova SN 1006 Swirling Star Trails Over Yepun
The Stars Streak Overhead The Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) The radio galaxy Centaurus A, as seen by ALMA Comet Lovejoy over Santiago VISTA stares deep into the cosmos ALMA antenna transported to Chajnantor The Chilean Night Sky from ALMA
Wide-field view of NGC 253 from the VLT Survey Telescope The E-ELT at sunset (artist’s impression) Wide-field view of the COSMOS field Wide-field view of the sky around the most remote quasar The flames of Betelgeuse Comparison of the field of view of VST/OmegaCAM and other telescopes Wide-field view of the Meathook Galaxy
Rare Moon Green Flash Captured Bridging the Abyss Collecting Precious Starlight* Reflecting on the VLT Aerial View of the VLT Three ALMA antennas close together on Chajnantor Cerro Paranal and Cerro Armazones in Chile
ALMA Site (artist's impression) Artist’s impression of Corot-9b Darth Vader’s Galaxy, NGC 936 LMC Snapped by Schmidt Telescope Rendering of the E-ELT Transporting an Auxiliary Telescope VLT Platform
The Paranal Observatory The Moon over one VLT Auxiliary Telescope The Milky Way Shines on Paranal NTT Windscreen Artist’s impression of Corot-7b A close look at Betelgeuse SEST on La Silla
Twisted Spiral Galaxy NGC 134 ESO's New Technology Telescope SN 1987A and the Honeycomb Nebula The Centre of the Active Galaxy NGC 1097 Spiral Galaxy NGC 6118 Chandra Deep Field South How to Become a Star
Dome of Swiss 1.2-m Leonhard Euler Telescope A Paranal Sunset
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