Spectrum of Distant Galaxy EIS 107

Spectrum of the very distant galaxy EIS 107, as obtained with the VLT UT1 and FORS1. The positions of the most prominent spectral features are indicated, e.g. the Lyman-alpha emission line and absorption lines of oxygen atoms and silicium and carbon ions. The measured redshift is z = 3.92, and these lines have been redshifted from the ultraviolet to the red spectral region. The spectrum represents a total exposure time of 5.5 hours. The spectral resolution is 2.1 nm, i.e. 0.44 nm in the galaxy rest frame.



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Release date:27 February 1999
Related releases:eso9915
Size:3000 x 2004 px

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Name:EIS 107, Spectrum
Type:• Early Universe : Galaxy
Distance:z=3.92 (redshift)

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