The peculiar galaxy ESO 060-IG26

Far down in the southern sky, on the border betwenn the constellations of Volans and Carina, lies this small group of galaxies. It was first discovered at ESO in 1974. The central galaxy is visibly disturbed and now carries the designation ``ESO 060-IG26''. The less disturbed galaxy of elliptical shape is ``ESO 060-G27''. The distance to the system has not yet been measured, but is probably in excess of 150 million light-years.



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Release date:6 February 1990
Related releases:eso9003
Size:1776 x 1407 px

About the Object

Name:ESO 060-G27, ESO 060-IG26
Type:• Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Interacting
Distance:500 million light years

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Position (RA):9 4 0.83
Position (Dec):-72° 3' 19.24"
Field of view:1.85 x 1.46 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 11.4° left of vertical

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