Spectrum of HII region -014+081 in NGC 4254

Observational evidence of the presence of hot and massive "Wolf-Rayet" stars in a metal-rich H II region (designated "-014+081") in the spiral galaxy NGC 4254, a member of the Virgo cluster of galaxies at a distance of about 50 million light-years. Comparison spectra of two types of Wolf-Rayet stars (WC and WN) in the Milky Way galaxy are shown. The characteristic spectral features of ionized helium (He II) and double and triple ionized carbon (C III, C IV) are identical.



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Release date:23 August 2002
Related releases:eso0223
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Name:NGC 4254
Type:• Local Universe : Star : Type : Wolf-Rayet
• Local Universe : Nebula : Appearance : Emission : H II Region
• Local Universe : Galaxy : Type : Spiral
Distance:50 million light years

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