STC E-ELT Subcommittee (ESC)

ESC Meeting Garching, 21 October 2013

Draft Agenda (Version 1.1, 18.10.13)


21 October
10:30   Welcome  
10:35   Terms of Reference for the ESC  
10:45   Management Structure of the E-ELT
11:15   Status of the Programme
12:00   Financial Status  
12:30   Discussion  
13:00 Lunch


14:00   Instrumentation Programme
14:30   First light instruments
ESO-191883 / ESO-193104
15:00   Report on Ismaning Meeting ESO-203838
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00   Technology Developments for the E-ELT Programme  
16:30   Schedule of Reviews and Science Meetings  
16:45   Closed session  
17:30   End of Meeting  


  Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for the STC
  Rules for Dealing with Conflicts of Interest on ESO Committees
ESO-191883 Top Level Requirements for the ELT-IFU
ESO-193104 Top Level Requirements for ELT-CAM
ESO-203838 Report on the Workshop "Shaping E-ELT Science and Instrumentation" (Ismaning, 25 Feb. - 1 Mar 2013)
  Instrumentation Plan for the E-ELT
E-PLA-ESO-000-0880 Management Plan for the E-ELT