STC E-ELT Subcommittee (ESC)

ESC Meeting Garching, 7 April 2014

Draft Agenda (Version 1.0, 25.03.14)


7 April
11:00   Welcome  
11:05   Status of E-ELT Project (Management, technical, Procurement Plan, Budget, ELT Testing, Current View of the Path towards Operational Model, GTO, etc.) (R. Tamai/ A. Russell)
11:30   Report on ELT Meetings since October 2013 (outcomes, lessons learnt) (J. Spyromilio)
11:40   MICADO and HARMONI Status Updates: (ESO or the PIs; poss videocon) (S. Ramsay)
    Calibrations and Test Strategies for First Light Instruments (maybe joint wiht the previous item)
13:00 Lunch


13:45   METIS TLRS (J. Spyromilio)
14:15   MOS TLRS (P. Padovani)
14:45   HIRES TLRS (J. Liske)
15:15   AO Roadmap (J. Spyromilio)
15:45   Status on Technology Developments (Q&A resulting from written documents) (M. Casali)
16:00   Schedule of Reviews and Science Meetings (Q&A resulting from written doucments) (J. Spyromilio)
16:15 Coffee Break
16:30   Closed Session
18:30   End of Meeting