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GOODS/ESO Survey (In progress)
Field Name: Chandra Deep Field South (CDF-S) 
RA,DEC(J2000) 03:33:36 -27:51:00
Area: 0.25 sq. degrees (BVR); 225 sq. arcmin (JKs)
Bands: BVR+JHKs
AB mag(5sigma): B<27 V<26.5 R <26.5 J<25.3 H<24.8 Ks<24.4

Deep Public Survey (In progress)
Field Names: Deep-1 (overlaps Patch A) Deep-2 (overlaps CDF-S) Deep-3
RA,DEC(J2000) 22:50:40 -40:13:00 03:33:36 -27:51:00 11:21:27 -21:42:30
Area: 3x1 sq. degrees (total)
Bands: UBVRIKs (1 sq. deg)
J (0.25 sq.deg)
UBVRIKs (1 sq. deg)
J (0.25 sq.deg)
UBVRIKs (1 sq. deg)
J (0.25 sq.deg)
AB mag(5sigma): U<26.8 B<26 V<26 R <26.3  I<26 J<23.4 
Ks<21.3 (over 3 sq.deg)   Ks<22.6 (over the 0.75 sq.deg covered in J)

Pre-FLAMES Survey (In progress)
Objects: Globular Clusters, Open Clusters, Galactic Buldge and Halo, LMC, SMC, Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, Local Group Galaxies
RA,DEC(J2000) Target List
Area: 0.25 sq. degrees (per target)
Bands:BVI AB mag(5sigma):B<22.7 V<22.9 I<21.7

EIS-DEEP Survey (concluded July 2000)
Field Names: HDFS-1  (STIS field) HDFS-2 (WFPC2 field) HDFS-3 (NICMOS field)
RA,DEC(J2000) 22:33:29 -60:33:50 22:32:42 -60:33:50 22:33:00 -60:37:59
Area: 75 sq. arcmin (total):   covering the Hubble Deep Field South (HDFS)
Field Names: CDFS-1 CDFS-2 CDFS-3 CDFS-4
RA,DEC(J2000) 03:32:16 -27:46:00 03:32:38 -27:46:00 03:32:17 -27:50:35 03:32:37 -27:50:35
Area: 100 sq. arcmin (total):   covering the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS)
AB mag(3sigma):U<26.3 B<26.5 V<25.7 R<25.4  I<25 J<24.4 H<23.2 Ks<23.7

EIS-WIDE Survey (concluded March 1998)
Field Names: Patch A Patch B Patch C Patch D
RA,DEC(J2000) 22:43:03 -39:58:30 00:48:22 -29:31:48 05:38:24 -23:51:54 09:51:40 -21:00:00
Area: 3.2 sq. degrees 1.6 sq. degrees 6.0 sq. degrees 6.0 sq. degrees
Bands: VI BVI I I
AB mag(3sigma): V<24.5 B<24.2 I<24.0  for all patches (average)
complemented by the WFI Pilot Survey (concluded Sep. 1999)
Area: 1.0 sq. degrees 1.25 sq. degrees 6.0 sq. degrees 6.0 sq. degrees
Bands: B U BV BVI(913nm)
AB mag(3sigma): U<24.0(*) B<25.0 V<24.6 I<24.0   for all patches (average)                             [(*) to be revised]

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