Earth to Alpha Centauri
The Southern Milky Way Band (time-lapse)
Time-lapse sequence with VLT and NTT images
Planet and Disc around Beta Pictoris
Zoom in on the star GJ1214
Artist’s impression of grains in the disc around a brown dwarf
The growth of cosmic dust grains in the disc around the brown dwarf ISO-Oph 102
The system Gliese 667 (Artist’s impression)
Zoom-in on IRAS 13481-6124
The material around SN 1987A (artist’s impression)
Zoom in on the star GJ1214 (annotated)
Fulldome visualisation of a globular star cluster
GJ1214b (Artist’s impression)
Zooming in on a stellar nursery in Corona Australis
Zooming into the star T Cha
Planet with superstorm (artist's impression)
Zooming on Beta Pictoris b
The motion of Beta Pictoris b
Artist’s impression
Artist’s impression of exocomets around Beta Pictoris (Full Dome)
The super-Earth exoplanet GJ 1214b
Flying around the young star T Cha (artist's impression)
Planet and disc around Beta Pictoris
Zooming in on the brown dwarf binary CFBDSIR 1458+10
Media Conference
Zooming in on the Sun-like star HD 10180
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