Time-lapse Video of VISTA at Work (Part One)
UT-4 at work
Video News Release 41: Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission, Anne Glover, visits ESO’s Paranal Observatory (B-roll)
VLT VISTA Compilation 2009
VLT Platform - 5
A busy small telescope
Video News Release 40: Austrian and Portuguese Ministers for Science visit Paranal (B-roll)
Time-lapse Sequences of the VST Enclosure at Night
3D animation of the VISTA telescope
Excerpts from E-ELT groundbreaking event
Video News Release 39: The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark during their visit to ESO's Paranal Observatory
Unit Telescope Time-lapse C
Unit Telescope Time-lapse B
Unit Telescope Time-lapse A
Unit Telescope Time-lapse D
Auxiliary Telescope Time-lapse B
Auxiliary Telescope Time-lapse A
A cloudy night
VLT Naco 2010 E
VLT Naco 2010 D
VLT Naco 2010 C
VLT Naco 2010 B
VLT Naco 2010 A
VLT Astronomers Time-lapse B
VLT Astronomers Time-lapse A
VLT Astronomers 2010
Sunset at the VLT
A Unit Telescope at Sunset
Shadows in the Atacama Desert
Condor at Paranal
Condor at Paranal
An Auxiliary Telescope on the Move
An Auxiliary Telescope Opens Up
An Auxiliary Telescope on the Move
Close Up on an Auxiliary Telescope
An Auxiliary Telescope on the Move
Close Up on an Auxiliary Telescope
Close Up on an Auxiliary Telescope
Zooming on an Auxiliary Telescope
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