Inside UT1 (time-lapse)
Paranal Time-lapse
VLT Activity Time-lapse
Zodiacal Light Time-lapse
Cutaway animation of the SPHERE instrument on the VLT
Sunset at the VLT
The Paranal Residencia - 1
Desert view around Paranal - 2
Desert view around Paranal - 1
The Paranal Residencia - 2
Desert view around Paranal - 5
Desert view around Paranal - 4
Desert view around Paranal - 3
From Dusk till Dawn - A Paranal Perspective
Very Large Telescope UHD Video Compilation
Night Falling on Paranal
Paranal Time-lapse Compilation 2012
"From Earth to the Universe" — the VLT Laser
Paranal Time-lapse
Star Trails Over La Residencia
La Residencia Time-lapse
VLT Time-lapse
VLT Before the Approaching Dawn
Star Trails at Paranal
Shooting at the centre of the Milky Way
Observations in the moonlight
A busy night at the VLT
CRIRES Mounted on Antu
CRIRES Mounted on UT1
View of Paranal
Sunset View of the VLT Platform
Dusk over Paranal
Paranal Gears Up for the Night Ahead
Unit Telescope 1 (UT1) in Action
Setting Up a Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Autonomous Camera Rig
Rigging up a Bot
UHD Expedition Team and Time-lapse Bot
Setting Up UHD Equipment at the VLT
Rigging Up The Bots
Moonrise at Paranal
Meteors over Paranal
Night Sky Revealed Over Paranal
Dusk at Paranal
Distant Time-lapse of Paranal
Night Sky Beauty Over Paranal
Paranal Fish-Eye Time-lapse
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