Trailer for the planetarium show "From Earth to the Universe" (German version)
Video News Release 43: E-ELT Groundbreaking event (B-roll)
Time-lapse Video Showing the Assembly of a Full-Size Mock-up of the E-ELT Mirror
Trailer for the IMAX® 3D movie Hidden Universe
UKIRT (AW80T webcast)
Gemini North (AW80T webcast)
Subaru (AW80T webcast)
Nobeyama (AW80T webcast)
James Clerk Maxwell (AW80T webcast)
MOA (AW80T webcast)
GEO 600 (AW80T webcast)
Anglo-Australian Telescope (AW80T webcast)
W. M. Keck Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Submillimeter Array (AW80T webcast)
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (AW80T webcast)
Gunma Astronomical Observatory (AW80T)
Okayama Observatory (AW80T webcast)
LOFAR (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Observatory (AW80T webcast)
XMM-Newton & INTEGRAL (AW80T webcast)
ASTRON Westerbork (AW80T webcast)
APEX (AW80T webcast)
Themis (AW80T webcast)
VLBI (AW80T webcast)
Swift (AW80T webcast)
Plateau de Bure (AW80T webcast)
VIRGO (AW80T webcast)
Himalayan Chandra Telescope (AW80T)
Jodrell Bank Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Hubble Space Telescope (AW80T webcast)
Very Large Array (AW80T webcast)
Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (AW80T)
LIGO (AW80T webcast)
Spitzer (AW80T webcast)
SOHO and TRACE (AW80T webcast)
Chandra X-Ray Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Green Bank Telescope (AW80T webcast)
STEREO (AW80T webcast)
SALT (AW80T webcast)
GALEX (AW80T webcast)
Bernard Lyot (AW80T webcast)
Hinode (AW80T webcast)
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