ALMA UHD Video Compilation
La Silla Observatory UHD Video Compilation
Very Large Telescope UHD Video Compilation
Photographers at ESO's UHD Expedition 2014
ESO Ultra HD Time-lapse Compilation
2012 ALMA Video Compilation
The ALMA Time-lapse Compilation 2012
Paranal Time-lapse Compilation 2012
E-ELT Compilation 2012
The ALMA Compilation 2011
The ALMA Compilation 2010
ESO’s 50th Anniversary Gala Event Compilation
VLT Compilation 2010
The ALMA Compilation April 2010
Mirror Recoating at the Very Large Telescope Compilation
VLT Compilation 2009
La Silla compilation 2009
VLT VISTA Compilation 2009
La Silla Compilation 2008
ALMA 2012 Relocation Compilation
ALMA Compilation 2007
VLT Video Compilation 2008
APEX Compilation 2008
ALMA Compilation 2008
E-ELT Compilation 2008
VLT Compilation 2007
VLT UT1 First Light Video Compilation (May 1998)
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