What technologies have been developed at ESO

The survey has been carried out at ESO in late 2004 to document both the technologies developed by, or for, ESO as well as examples of Technology Transfer that have taken place. The examples listed stem mainly from the VLT development period although no specific time constraints have been imposed.

The following list of ESO Technologies and Technology Transfer is grouped into subject areas for convenience, although these divisions are somewhat arbitrary in several cases.

As can be seen, the list is not only limited to cases where ESO technologies have actually been used elsewhere, but includes ESO-developed technologies and intellectual property that are also potentially capable of being used.

The last category lists past examples of ESO Technology that have now been superseded and are included here for historical interest only.

Specifically, examples of the following categories have been included in the list.

  1. Novel technologies that have been developed by ESO, ushed beyond customary limits or where novel combinations of technologies have been developed.
  2. Technologies that have been developed or extended in collaboration with industry through an ESO development contract or collaboration agreement, etc.
  3. Technologies that have been developed or extended by industry through the execution of an ESO procurement contract.
  4. Examples of ESO developments that have been taken over by a manufacturer or produced commercially for a wider market.
  5. Examples of ESO developments that have been used for other similar projects in external institutions or firms.
  6. ESO patents, licensing and partnership agreements, royalties received, etc.
  7. Examples included for historic interest only.


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