Beryllium Spectral Lines in Three Stars

Reproduction of a small wavelength region of the spectra obtained with the UVES spectrometer at the 8.2-m Kueyen telescope at Paranal of these stars (above), together with that of another nearby star, HD 218502, a field star in which the Beryllium lines are also visible (below). This star, however, is not a member of a cluster and its age is not well known. The achieved signal-to-noise ratios are indicated. The best-fitting synthetic spectra are show as red dots; in the spectrum of A2111, the blue dashed lines illustrate the accuracy of the fit - they correspond to a variation of the Beryllium content by approx. ± 50% (0.2 dex).



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Release date:17 August 2004
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Name:A2111, A228, HD 218502
Type:• Milky Way : Star
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