ESO's Governing Bodies

ESO's ruling body is its Council, which delegates day to day responsibility to the Executive under ESO's Director General. Other governing bodies of ESO are: the Finance Committee (FC), the Scientific Technical Committee (STC), the Observing Programmes Committee (OPC) and the Users Committee (UC).

Information about the meeting dates of the various committees is available via the meetings calender below. Please note that in most cases committees documents have restricted access and are password protected.

ESO procedures (password protected):

Council and Committee Meetings in 2016

Council Cou 138: 7-8 Jun Cou 139 (extraordinary): 7 Oct Cou 140: 7-8 Dec  
Committee of Council 88 CC: 2-3 Mar
89 CC: 6-7 Oct    
Finance Committee 144 FC (extraordinary): 3 Feb   145 FC: 3-4 May 146 FC (extraordinary): 27 Sep 147 FC: 8-9 Nov (Chile)
Scientific Technical Committee STC 87: 26-27 Apr STC 88: 25-26 Oct    
ESAC: 2 Feb ESAC: 29-30 Sept    
ESC: 25 Apr ESC: 18 Oct    
LSP: 25 Apr LSP: 24 Oct    
Observing Programmes Committee OPC 98: 18-20 May OPC 99: 15-17 Nov    
Users Committee UC 40: 18-19 Apr      

Council and Committee Meetings in 2015

Council and Committee Meetings in 2014

Council and Committee Meetings in 2013

Council and Committee Meetings in 2012

Overview of Previous Meetings