Messenger No. 71 (March 1993)

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1-2 (PDF)
The Editor: ESO, CNRS and MPI Sign Agreement on Enhancement of the VLT Interferometer

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2-5 (PDF)
M. Quattri
The VLT main structure.

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Quattri, M.
3-3 (PDF)
The Editor: Riccardo Giacconi Recieves High NASA Honour

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5-7 (PDF)
P. Dierickx
Manufacturing of the 8.2-m Zerodur blanks for the VLT primary mirrors - a progress report.

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Dierickx, P.
7-8 (PDF)
M. Sarazin, J. Navarrete
Seeing at Paranal: mapping the VLT Observatory.

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Sarazin, M.; Navarrete, J.
8-8 (PDF)
Tentative Time-table of Council Sessions and Committee Meetings in 1993

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9-10 (PDF)
R. M. West
The ESO C&EE Programme Begins

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West, R. M.
9-9 (PDF)
A. Blaauw
The ESO Historical Archives (EHA)

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Blaauw, A.

10-14 (PDF)
M. di Martino et al.
Physical study of Trojan asteroids: a photometric survey.

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14-16 (PDF)
G. Mateshvili, Y. Mateshvili
Dust in the Earth's atmosphere before and after the passage of Halley's comet (1984 - 1987).

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16-16 (PDF)
Visiting Astronomers (April 1 - October 1, 1993)

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17-17 (PDF)
More 1910 Halley Memorabilia

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19-21 (PDF)
H. W. Dürbeck et al.
The recurrent nova U Sco - a touchstone of nova theories.

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21-24 (PDF)
J. Bouvier
Rotation of T Tauri stars from multi-site photometric monitoring.

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AA(Laboratoire d 'Astrophysique, Observatoire de Grenoble, France)
24-25 (PDF)
A. M. Lagrange et al.
TY CrA: a pre-main-sequence binary.

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25-29 (PDF)
X.-W. Liu, J. Danziger
Atomic processes and excitation in planetary nebulae.

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29-34 (PDF)
M. Azzopardi
Two new catalogues of Small Magellanic Cloud members coming soon.

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34-37 (PDF)
S. Bardelli et al.
Study of the Shapley supercluster.

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37-40 (PDF)
B. Koribalski, R.-J. Dettmar
The starburst galaxy NGC 1808.

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40-41 (PDF)
New ESO Preprints (December 1992 - February 1993)

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41-43 (PDF)
D. Block et al.
IRAC2 observations of the spiral galaxy NGC 2997.

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43-44 (PDF)
K.-H. Duensing et al.
Prototype of the FORS multiple-object spectroscopy unit under test.

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44-46 (PDF)
L. Vigroux et al.
LITE: the Large Imaging Telescope.

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46-50 (PDF)
M. Naumann et al.
The ESO Red Sky Survey - a Tool for Galactic and Cosmological Studies

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50-52 (PDF)
N. Hubin et al.
First technical run of the Come-On-Plus at the ESO 3.6-m telescope.

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52-53 (PDF)
J.L. Beuzit, N. Hubin
ADONIS - a user friendly adaptive optics system for the 3.6-m telescope.

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53-54 (PDF)
H. E. Schwarz, T. M. C. Abbott
Nonlinearity problems with generation-3 CCD controllers.

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54-56 (PDF)
L. Pasquini, A. Gilliotte
CASPEC improvements.

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AA(ESO-La Silla) AB(ESO-La Silla)
57-58 (PDF)
T. A. Birulya et al.
A new fine-grain photographic emulsion.

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AA(Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia) AB("Slavitch" A.S., Moscow, Russia) AC(Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University, Moscow, Russia)
57-57 (PDF)
First Images from DFOSC

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59-59 (PDF)
D. A. Verner
Astronomy acknowledgement index 1992.

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AA(Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Gronigen, the Netherlands, and Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia)
60-61 (PDF)
P. Aniol
Amateur Astronomy with CCDs

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AA(Sternwarte Cessertshausen, Germany)
61-63 (PDF)
E. Kjär
Development of ESO publications.

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63-64 (PDF)
F. Palma
Written-Off Items Available at ESO Garching

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Palma, F.
63-63 (PDF)
Amateur Astronomy with CCDs

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64-64 (PDF)

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