Target of Opportunity Request Form PARANAL

Important announcement

Limited internet connectivity to and from Chilean sites during Sept. 2-10:

ESO's IT Department has scheduled a major upgrade of ESO network architecture for the communications network in Chile. The upgrade will be carried out during the following windows:
Start date End date Affected sites
Saturday 2 September Sunday 3 September La Silla and Vitacura
Saturday 2 September Tuesday 5 September Paranal
Saturday 9 September Sunday 10 September La Silla, Paranal, Vitacura
Operations on site will be unaffected per se during these upgrade windows. However, there will be extended and intermittent periods when no internet and email is available on site. Furthermore, there will be no scientific data transfer from Paranal to the archive on September 2 to 5 and from La Silla to the archive on September 2 to 3. Therefore, users of ToO programmes should note the following:
  • ToO triggers may be submitted without problems during the windows mentioned above; however, if confirmation emails are not received, users are requested to phone the control room (phone numbers are provided once a trigger is submitted);
  • transfer of ToO data from Paranal will resume as soon as possible – and with the highest priority – on September 6 and September 11 in the (Chilean) morning at the latest;
  • transfer of ToO data from La Silla will resume as soon as possible – and with the highest priority - on September 4 and September 11 in the (Chilean) morning at the latest.


This page is to trigger OPC-approved Target of Opportunity observations (OPC/TOO) only. Therefore, use this page only if you have an approved program ID.

This form is designed to make sure that we receive the information we need to perform your observations, as opposed to what we guess that the observation you want might be.

Please also refer to the Policies for Target of Opportunity Observations

ToO Form

Program ID Principal Investigator  
Telescope - Instrument Please submit one trigger per telescope/instrument combination
Name of the trigger


Requester   Contact phone number

List of people that will be Notified

Email 1  
Email 2  
Email 3  
Email 4  
Email 5  
Email 6  


Name RA DEC Magnitude
Finding Charts Ephemeris
File (2MB Max.)


In case the constraints set are not included in the OBs, or to over-ride them, give the constraints below.

Photometric Clear Thin cirrus Thick cirrus No constraints
Moon Dark Grey No constraints
Seeing better than   Airmass better than
One night Two nights Four nights
(Observations are to be performed within..)


First column: exact name of the OBs, as checked in the Repository in the order in which they should ideally be executed. There is no need to repeat the strategy associated to an OB: this should be done in the Phase II REAME file. Second column: approx. duration of the OB.

OB Name (01) Hrs.
OB Name (02) Hrs.
OB Name (03) Hrs.
OB Name (04) Hrs.
OB Name (05) Hrs.
OB Name (06) Hrs.
OB Name (07) Hrs.
OB Name (08) Hrs.
OB Name (09) Hrs.
OB Name (10) Hrs.

Instrument configuration file


Indicate if your program needs only the Standard Calibrations (as defined in the Phase II instructions). If not, the additional calibration OBs must been submitted during the Phase II.
Standard   Additional


This should contain information that is not already in your Service Mode README file.

Max 2400 characters, Chars left: