Abstracts 2001


December 5, 16:30 hr: Dr. John WEBB (University of New South Wales)
Do the laws of nature change with time?
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Seminar

December 10, 12:00 hr: Dr. Valentin IVANOV and Dr. Sara ELLISON (ESO/Chile)
Journal Club

December 12, 16:30 hr: Dr. Jeff KENNEY (Yale University & Universidad de Chile)
"Environmental Effects on Virgo Cluster Spiral Galaxies"

December 17, 12:00 hr: Dr. Stephane BRILLANT (ESO/Chile)
Journal Club

December 19, 16:30 hr: Dr. Meema SAHU (Goddard Space Flight Center)
"The Deuterium-to-Hydrogen Ratio in the Solar Neighborhood"


November 2, 16:30 hr: Dr. Doug CURRIE (University of Maryland and Visiting Scientist)
"Eta Carinae: A Wondrous Explosion"

November 7, 16:30 hr: Dr. Ray JAYAWARDHANA (University of California and Visiting Scientist)
"Probing planet formation among nearby young stars"

November 12, 14:00-17:15 hr: List of speakers (ESO/Chile)
Abstract"The science we are doing"

November 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Mohammad HEYDARI-MALAYERI (Obs.de Paris & Visiting Scientist)
"The youngest masive stars in the Magellanic Clouds"

November 15, 11:30 hr: Dr. Michel DENNEFELD (Visiting astronomer)
Presentation of the space mission WSO/UV.

November 19, 13:30-17:30 hr: List of speakers (ESO/Chile)
Abstract"The science we are doing"

November 21, 16:30 hr: Dr. Guy MONNET (ESO/Garching)
"Understanding the shape and kinematics of elliptical galaxies: Status of the SAURON project"

November 22, 11:30 hr: Genevieve PARMENTIER (Visiting student from Institut d'Astrophysique et Geophysique de Liege)
"Self-Enrichment and Formation of Galactic Halo Globular Clusters"

November 26, 13:30-17:45 hr: List of speakers (ESO/Chile)
Abstract"The science we are doing"

November 28, 16:30 hr: Dr. John WEBB (University of New South Wales)
"Could We Detect Molecular Oxygen in the Atmosphere of a Transiting Extra-Solar Earth-Like Planet?"


October 2-3: "Astrophysical niches for high resolution spectroscopy"
Topical Meeting

October 4, 11:30 hr: Dr. Pierre COX (IAS/Orsay and ESO/Chile Visiting Scientist)
"Dust and Gas in High Redshift Sources"

October 10, 16:30 hr: Dr. Maria-Victoria ALONSO (Obs. Astronomico de Cordoba and CONICET, Argentina)
"Recent results in the peculiar motion field"

October 16: "Brown dwarfs and planets"
Topical Meeting

October 18, 16:30 hr: Dr. Guenther WUCHTERL (MPE and Visiting Scientist)
"From clouds to stars"

October 23, 16:30 hr: Dr. Matthew SHETRONE (McDonald Observatory)
"Constraints on Galaxy Formation from Abundance Ratios in Nearby Galaxies"


September 4, 11:30 hr: Dr. Kate BROOKS (ESO/Chile)
Short report on the Conference "Early phases of massive star formation"

September 6, 11:30 hr:Emanuel GALLIANO (PhD Student, Observatoire de Grenoble (LAOG))
"Near-R 2D-spectroscopy of the AGN in NGC1068 with ISAAC"

September 12, 12:00 hr: Dr. Heath JONES (ESO/Chile)
"Astrophysical applications for tunable imaging filters"

September 21, 16:00 hr: Pierre COX (IAS, Universite Paris XI, Orsay & ESO/Chile Visiting Scientist)
"Infrared and Millimeter Studies of Evolved Stars"

September 28, 15:30 hr: Dr. Ansgar REINERS (University of Hamburg)
"Searching for stellar differential rotation with line profile analysis"


August 10, 16:30 hr: Dr. Luis BARRERA (Universidad Catolica del Norte)
"Meteorites in the Atacama desert"

August 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Michael BURTON (NSW University & Visiting Scientist)
"Tutorial review "Photodissociation Regions""

August 17, 16:30 hr: Dr. Michael BURTON (NSW University & Visiting Scientist)
"Astronomy in Antarctica"

August 22, 16:30 hr: Dr. Michael BURTON (NSW University & Visiting Scientist)
"Hot Molecular Cores and the earliest stages of star formation"

August 24, 11:30 hr: Luca RIZZI (Padova Astronomical Observatory)
"Using WFI to unveal the most elusive stars in the satellites of the Milky Way"

August 27, 16:30 hr: Dr. Massimo DELLA VALLE (Arcetri, Firenze)
"VLT Observations of Extragalactic Novae (i.e. VLT observes most remote Novae ever seen)"

August 30, 16:30 hr: Xavier BONFILS (Student, Universite de Grenoble)
Jets/structures in Hale-Bopp


July 5, 16:30 hr: Dr. Jerome RODRIGUEZ (CEA/Saclay)
"Spectral and temporal observations of Black Hole Binaries"

July 6, 15:30 hr: Dr. Gordon GARMIRE (Pennsylvania State University)
"Source Characteristics in the Chandra Deep Field North"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Seminar

July 11, 16:30 hr: Dr. Valentin IVANOV (ESO/Chile)
"Active and Starburst Galaxies in the Near Infrared"

July 18, 16:30 hr: Dr. Markus SCHOELLER (ESO/Chile)
"First fringes and beyond"

July 27, 11:30 hr: Emilie JOURDEUIL (Universite de Grenoble)
Modeling the colours of TNOs


June25, 16:30 hr: Prof. D.W. KURTZ (University of Central Lancashire)
"Asteroseismology of the magnetic rapidly oscillating Ap star HR 1217 using the Whole Earth Telescope"

June 26, 15:00 hr: Dr. John HUCHRA (Harvard Center for Astrophysics)
"The age and fate of the Universe"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Seminar

June 28, 16:30 hr: Dr. Dave SILVA (ESO/Garching)
"VLT Service Mode Long-Term Scheduling: Concepts and Implementation"


May 7, 15:00 hr: Tomohiko SEKIGUCHI (ESO/Chile student)
"Icy minor bodies in the outer solar system"

May 10, 16:30 hr: Dr. Tim BEDDING (University of Sydney)
"Solar-like oscillations from the ground and space"

May 16, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gabriela MALLEN-ORNELAS (Pontificia Universidad Catolica)
"Internal kinematics of blue galaxies at z~0.6"

May 17, 16:30 hr: Dr. Yannick MELLIER (IAP and Obs. de Paris (DEMIRM))
"Cosmic Shear and Cosmological Scenarios"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Seminar

May 23, 16:30 hr: Dr. Sara ELLISON (ESO/Chile)
"Uncloaking High Redshift Galaxies: A New Survey for Damped Lyman Alpha Systems"

May 28, 11:30 hr: Dr. Luigi GUZZO (Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera)
"X-ray clusters as tracers of structure in the Universe"

May 31, 16:30 hr: Dr. Anthony BROWN (Leiden Observatory/ ESO)
"The Binary Population in OB Associations"


April 2, 16:30 hr: Dr. Pascale JABLONKA (Obs. de Paris/Meudon & Visiting Scientist)
"The evolution of spiral galaxies as revealed by their stellar population: integrated properties and individual stars"

April 6, 16:30 hr: Dr. Chris TINNEY (AAO & Visiting Scientist )
"Developments at the AAO - Instrumentation, Brown Dwarfs and Planets"

April 12, 16:30 hr: Dr. Chris STERKEN (University of Brussels & Visiting Scientist)
"The Variability of S Doradus Stars"

April 25, 16:30 hr: Dr. Eric PANTIN (CEA Saclay & Visiting Scientist)
"Dust disks around main-sequence stars : a key-program for the VLT/VISIR instrument"


March 2, 16:30 hr: Dr. Ezio PIGNATELLI (SISSA & Visiting Scientist)
"Modeling star and gas kinematics along the Hubble sequence"

March 5, 11:30 hr: Dr. Andrew J. BAKER (MPE Garching)
"Molecular Gas in Nearby Active Galaxies"

March 9, 16:30 hr: Dr. Hans ZINNECKER (Astrophys. Inst. Potsdam & Visiting Scientist)
"Stellar Evolution before the Main Sequence"

March 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Ezio PIGNATELLI (SISSA & Visiting Scientist)
"Automatic Galaxy morphology in wide and deep fields"

March 21, 16:30 hr: Dr. Sebastian WOLF (Thuringian State University & Visiting Scientist)
"3D Self-Consistent Radiative Transfer"

March 28, 16:30 hr: Dr. Roberto MAIOLINO (Oss. Astrofisico di Arcetri & Visiting Scientist)
"Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei"


February 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gian-Luigi GRANATO (Osservatorio di Padova & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Dusty galaxies at high redshift"

February 19, 11:30 hr:Dr. Karl SCHUSTER (IRAM, SIS-Junction group)
New concepts for millimeter and submillimeter wave detection

February 23, 16:30 hr: Dr. Joao ALVES (ESO/Garching)
"Seeiing the light through the dark: The fine structure of a cold dark molecular cloud"

February 28, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gian-Luca ISRAEL (Osservatorio di Roma & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Searching for the optical/IR counterpart of a sample of X-ray pulsators: strategies and results"


January 8, 16:30 hr: Dr. Andreas JAUNSEN (ESO/Chile)
"Weak galaxy-galaxy lensing analysis of the CFRS-14h field"

January 11, 13:45 hr: Dr. Wil VAN BREUGEL (L. Livermore Lab, California)
"The Most Distant Galaxies"

January 16, 16:00 hr: Prof. Dr. Ewine F. VAN DISHOECK (Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands)
"ISO' view of star-forming region"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Seminar

January 24, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gian-Luca ISRAEL (Osservatorio di Roma & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Multi-wavelengths Observations of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars"

January 25, 12:15 hr: Dr. Oleg KOCHUKHOV (Uppsala Astronomical Observatory & ESO Visiting Astronomer)
"Magnetic fields and pulsations of chemically peculiar stars"

January 31, 16:30 hr: Dr. Dante MINNITI (PUC & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Gravitational microlensing searches: normal stars, stellar remnants, black holes, planets and MACHO"