Observing with HARPS

Observing with HARPS: which TARGETS?

Users applying for time on HARPS should consult the following page to check for possible restricions on the allowed targets: Guaranteed Time Observations policies.

Observing with HARPS

The HARPS Observation Software is fully VLT-compliant. Observations are therefore performed using Observation Blocks which are prepared with the web-based P2 tool (www.eso.org/p2ls) and fetched by BOB.

The observer has also direct access to the results of the online pipeline, developed by the HARPS Consortium and installed at La Silla. The pipeline immediately reduced the observed files. She/He can immediately inspect the results of the processing and use them for further analysis on the data reduction workstation available in the control room.

Access to the data

  • All Users can download their data from the HARPS data archive. Please note that data transfer of the reduced data can take up to 36 hours.