Eta Carinae over ALMA
Night Sky over the Licancabur Volcano
La Silla Prepares for the Night Ahead
Fish-Eye ALMA UHD Time-lapse
ALMA Fulldome UHD Time-lapse
Sun Sets Over La Silla
SEST and ESO 3.6-m Telescope UHD Time-lapse of La Silla
SEST and 3.6-m Telescope UHD Time-lapse of La Silla
Moon Sets Over La Silla
Moon Sets Over La Silla Observatory
Unveiling Our Cool Universe in Ultra HD
Revealing Our Cool Universe in Ultra HD
La Silla UHD Time-lapse
Paranal Fish-Eye Time-lapse
Paranal Approaches Dusk
UT Interior in Action with MUSE
UHD NTT Fulldome Time-lapse
Sunset over Paranal in UHD time-lapse
Sun Sets Over the VLT in Ultra HD
Auxiliary Telescope at Work at Paranal
Milky Way Revealed
Auxiliary Telescope in Action at Paranal
The Stars Within Our Grasp
Auxiliary Telescope UHD Time-lapse
Moon Rising at Paranal
Yepun Takes Centre Stage
Paranal Ablaze with Meteors
Cerro Paranal Distant UHD Time-lapse
Yepun in Action
Geminids Time-lapse 1
E-ELT Laser Guide Star
VLT Laser Guide Star
VLT Adaptive Optics
Star Twinkle
LGS Prototype Time-lapse 2
LGS Prototype Time-lapse 1
Time-lapse Sequences of the VST Enclosure at Night
VLT Compilation 2010
The ALMA Compilation April 2010
Time-lapse Video of VISTA at Work (Part Two)
APEX Control Room 3
Twilight and Night Sky Time-lapse
VLT Platform  - 2
VLT UT - 5 Time-lapse
Sunset and night sky over APEX
Milky Way over Chajnantor
VLT Platform  - 6
APEX - 3
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