The cluster of galaxies CL 2244 - 02
La Silla 2.2m Telescope (Part 7)
Abell 370
La Silla 2.2m Telescope (Part 6)
The starburst galaxy NGC 1313
La Silla 2.2m Telescope (Part 8)
The Fornax cluster of galaxies
Zoom-in on the double star HD 87643
Zoom in on Betelgeuse
Pan over the Helix Nebula
Zoom-in onto T Leporis
Carina Nebula Zoom-in
New High-speed Fibre Optic Data Link to ALMA
New High-speed Fibre Optic Data Link to ALMA
Zooming in on star formation in the southern Milky Way
The life cycle of a Sun-like star
Pan across new VLT image of NGC 2014 and NGC 2020
Hidden Universe in 30 seconds
Zooming in on an APEX view of part of the Orion Nebula
Zooming in on the planetary nebula IC 1295
Gravitational lensing of distant star-forming galaxies (schematic)
ALMA Operational Support Facility (part 2)
ALMA Operational Support Facility (part 3)
ALMA Operational Support Facility (part 4)
ALMA Operational Support Facility (part 6)
ALMA Operational Support Facility (part 7)
Artist's impression of the evolution of a hot high-mass binary star (annotated version)
Panning across the stellar nursery NGC 6357
Panning over the radio galaxy Centaurus A, as seen by ALMA
E-ELT mirror segments under test
First planet of extragalactic origin (artist's impression)
Telescope Seeing Effects
ESO Movie 23: Physics on Stage 3 – Physics and Life
Swiss 1.2m Euler telescope (Part 2)
La Silla 2.2m Telescope (Part 11)
The Antenne, NGC4038 and NGC 4039
Swiss 1.2m Euler telescope (Part 1)
La Silla 2.2m Telescope (Part 9)
La Silla 2.2m Telescope (Part 10)
The galaxy NGC 4565
The spiral galaxy NGC 3190
Galaxy structure seven billion light-years away
Galaxy structure seven billion light-years away
Zoom in on the star CoRoT-7
Zoom-in RCW 86
Galaxies in collision
Helix Nebula pan and zoom
Helix Nebula Zoom
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