ESO ePOD Close Collaborators

Close Collaborators

Georgia Bladon

ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer

Georgia has a BSc in Physics and Philosophy from Manchester University and an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London. Georgia was a science communication intern at ESO in 2013 and now works as a freelance science communicator. She works closely with ESO ePOD in her roles as the ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer (February 2014 to Present) and Editor-in-Chief of CAPjournal (October 2013 to Present) as well as working on a range of other outreach and communication projects in the UK.



  1. Public Information Office assistance

Davide de Martin

Image Processing

Electrical engineer and amateur astronomer. He was born and lives in Venice, Italy. Ever since he was a child his main interest is astronomy. Since 1997, he has collaborated with the Italian astronomy magazine called "Coelum", he wrote dozens of columns and several articles in space exploration and spaceflight history. He has produced or taken part in several works in popular science, like websites and multimedia CD-ROMs. One of his most recent projects is the web site . In 2005 he became a contractor for the ESA/Hubble office.


Javier Enciso

Web Content Assistant

Javier is Systems Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and obtained his M.Sc. degree in Computational Science and Engineering at the Technische Universität München, working in the field of Quantum Simulation. Previously he has worked as associate instructor at the Universidad de los Llanos and Test Engineer at hiSoft Corportation. Currently he leads his family company.



Nicola Guttridge

Science Writer

Nicky completed an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics at University College London, swiftly followed by an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College. She also works as a freelance journalist, writing for various science magazines, and lives in London.


She has worked with the education and public outreach department at ESO since October 2012, and from February 2013 until March 2014 handled press and outreach for the ESA/Hubble office. She now does some writing and editing for the ESA/Hubble office.



Adam Hadhazy

Science Writer Assistant

Adam graduated from New York University's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP) in 2008 with a master's degree in journalism. He has written for Scientific, Discover and Popular Mechanics, among other publications. Adam originally hails from Annapolis, Maryland, and before coming to Germany he lived just outside of Manhattan. In addition to reading and writing about science, Adam enjoys trying out exotic cuisines, going to the beach, tossing frisbees, and exploring.


Gara Mora Carrillo

Web Content Assistant

Gara graduated in astrophysics at the University of La Laguna, in Spain. She did some research in astrophysics both at the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) and NASA/STScI, before she focused on science outreach by obtaining a master degree in science communication. Since then she has worked in several research organisations, managed a bookshop specialised in science outreach and qualified as a secondary physics teacher in the UK.

In returning to work in astronomy outreach, she expects to gain some experience in the role of the information officer in the production of video material for public outreach, as well as strengthen her writing skills.


Anne Rhodes

Proof reader/Copy Editor

Anne has an MA in physics from Oxford, an MSc in modern optics and microwaves from University College London, and is studying for an MSc in mathematics. She has carried out research in fibre optic and integrated optic sensors and has also taught physics and mathematics in Germany and in the USA. Anne cut her editorial teeth on Russian patent abstracts in the 1980s, and since 2000 she has edited and proofread much of the output from the Hubble ESA Information Centre, and more recently for the ePOD.



Bruno Rino

Advanced Projects Assistant



Oana Sandu

Community Coordinator

Oana is working as community coordinator for ESO's education and Public Outreach Department (ePOD). She is responsible for several areas: promotion of projects, distribution of products, social media engagement, developing outreach partnerships, electronic newsletters and database management. With a degree in Communication and Public Relations and a Master Degree in Marketing, she worked for over two years in a leading PR agency from Eastern Europe, The Practice. As a volunteer, she was involved in projects such as Global Astronomy Month, the Space Generation Advisory Council and Morocco 2013 Mars Analog Field Simulation. She keeps a blog on astronomy communication and regularly posts about astronomy on Facebook. You can also find her on Twitter.